Overail presents the ‘Historical Line’ range of sleepers: the perfect combination of tradition and innovation for tourist, historic and aesthetically important railways.

Preserving historic railway heritage is a challenge that Overail has taken up with enthusiasm and dedication. Our Historical Line sleepers, presented at the 11th edition of Expo Ferroviaria, are a sector innovation. As historic and tourist railways become increasingly popular, the need to ensure the safety and durability of railway tracks is ever more pressing.

These sleepers, the result of Overail research, are made of high quality pre-stressed reinforced concrete and are a great alternative to wooden sleepers, ensuring greater durability and safety while still maintaining an aesthetic that matches the original railway line. Their distinguishing feature comes from a brown volume pigmentation of the concrete and a wood-effect finish. This not only makes them appear wooden but, as it is integrated into the concrete itself, ensures the colour lasts over time. A revitalising treatment is also applied to improve durability and enhance the beauty of the product.



These high-quality concrete sleepers are highly resistant to wear, weathering and corrosion, ensuring that they are long-lasting.

The sleepers keep their shape and dimensions, regardless of changes in temperature, guaranteeing constant track stability.

Historic Line sleepers are made of fireproof material, offering built-in safety against the risk of accidental fires on the railway line.

Easy to maintain
The sleepers’ resistance to biological and atmospheric agents reduces the need for maintenance, guaranteeing a long life with fewer repairs.

Sustainability is a key part of Overail’s sleeper production. The use of easily available raw materials, together with renewable energy sources and advanced water recycling, reduces environmental impact.

The long lifespan and low maintenance of the sleeper result in considerable long-term savings.

Historical Line sleepers combine the practicality and robustness of concrete with attractive aesthetics.

Models available

The Historic Line includes a wide range of sleepers for various kinds of railway tracks. Models are available for narrow, metric and standard gauges and for different speeds, to meet a multitude of specific needs.

These sleepers are a unique solution on the international market, designed to capture the spirit of historically and culturally important railways. As the railway world continues to develop, Overail shows it can combine tradition and innovation, offering state-of-the-art products that highlight our cultural heritage.

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